Journey through Cancer: A Guide to Integrating Complementary and Spiritual Healing with Conventional Treatment

Neroli Duffy

My story

The statistics say that one in four Americans at one time in their life will be faced with cancer. Breast cancer will affect one in eight women. I never expected to be one of them.

I was a forty-four-year-old medical doctor turned minister when I was diagnosed with breast cancer on January 25, 1999. I have never been one to remember dates, but this is one I have not forgotten. It was a date that was to change my life in ways that I could never imagine.

With my background in medicine and as a minister, I knew that I wanted to combine the best of conventional and alternative therapies with spiritual healing techniques. I started looking for a book or a website, something to help me navigate through the bewildering array of alternatives.

I couldn't find what I was looking for, so I had to find my own way, putting it all together as I went along. I learned a lot—about cancer, about healing, about myself, about the mind-body connection, and about illness as a challenge on the spiritual path.

A few years after my treatment concluded, I wrote a book, born out of a desire to share what I learned. The book contains specific keys that not only apply to breast cancer or cancer in general but which can help anyone who desires to find healing. I called it A Journey through Cancer not only because it outlined my own journey in healing, but also in the hope that it might provide a roadmap for others who want to follow a similar path.


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