About the book

This book is about my personal journey through breast cancer, as a doctor and a minister, but most importantly as a patient.

As I began on my journey, I wanted to deal with it in the most practical and informed way, and also in the most thoughtful, spiritual and enlightened way that I could find. I wanted to pay attention to my physical body—and also to honor my mind and emotions and my spiritual being. I wanted to find the best of medical and surgical care and do whatever was needed on that front. But I wanted to spare my body as much as I could from the ravages of treatment that I had seen all too often in my own medical practice.

I knew that I wanted to combine the best of complementary care—including acupuncture and chiropractic and massage therapy—and whatever else would support and nurture me. I wanted to support my immune system and not work against it. I wanted to avail myself of the best of herbs and vitamins and supplements and yet not spend a fortune on things that would not benefit me in the long run. And I wanted to pray and meditate and do yoga and exercise, even while I went through the challenges of my treatment.

When I could not find what I began to call “my” approach in another book, I decided to write that book myself. I have written it for others who are like me, and I have found that the book has found an audience in surprising places. Since starting my healing journey, I have met many women and men with whom I resonate and who have told me that I have written what they have also known internally all along.

I hope that this book will meet some of your needs if you want to put together your own integrated program of healing. I hope that it will help you to navigate through the sometimes bewildering mountain of information that is available about cancer treatments. And perhaps it will resonate with you on your own journey.

Neroli Duffy


Comments from readers

Your book has become my Breast Bible. Thank you very much for having the courage to put your journey into words.

B.Y.  Ontario

I am quite impressed with your book. It is exactly what I believe.... It is just wonderful what you have shared. It just resonates with me so much.

E.S.P.  Illinois

Thank you very much for your wonderful book! It is really helpful and inspiring ...

K.M  Ontario

I am already half way through the book—exactly what I was looking for.

K.S.  Montana

Just a note to let you know I really enjoyed your book. It was touching, inspiring and a balanced blending of the health professions. Thank you for sharing your journey and the soulful knowledge you garnered along the way.


I read your book and I think it is fantastic. I could not put it down. I read till 2 am in the morning.

M.B. Montana

There were so many things to which I could relate; some of which I had not really thought much about and probably should have. I have written a whole page of references and I’m sure somehow I’ll be able to locate these—I use the internet a lot and have already found articles about “psychoneuroimmunology.” I find this really interesting. I know that in fighting this disease I will have to use a multidisciplinary approach.

L.L.  Australia

I am going through this myself and the book has been so helpful. I am reading it again. I never thought that I would undergo chemotherapy but I am going to do what you said for that. I think that you are very brave to have bared your soul the way that you did in the book. It is a great read.

P.H.  Montana

Thank you very much for writing the book, “A Journey through Cancer.” I am about 3/4s through it. Very enlightening, very real, and very practical.

R.G.  Minnesota

I read your book and I am just so happy and relieved as it helped so much. I am going for cancer surgery tomorrow.  God bless you for writing this book.


Didn't want to put it down until I'd finished.... I had so many lightbulbs go off especially in the different healing therapies chapter.... There were so many times I had mini-epiphanies while reading something, but the first time through, I didn’t have the patience to stop and write it down, so I'm rereading it again. So much of what you wrote has made me stop and reassess a lot of things in my life.... I am very grateful for your book, for your story, and your honesty. The truth of it was what won my heart the most, and has given me more courage than I thought I had to change.

A.M.  Australia