• There are many reliable manufacturers of these products. The reputation of the manufacturer is the best guarantee of the quality. This page lists some that I use.

• Most of the supplements, herbs and other remedies are widely available through local health food stores. If they are not in stock, the store may be able to special-order them for you.




Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Where I went for my treatment. A place where you can integrate state-of-the-art medical treatments with complementary therapies and mind-body techniques.

National Cancer Institute
Comprehensive information on conventional medical options.

The Look Good…Feel Better program
This program is a community-based, free national service that teaches female cancer patients techniques to help restore their appearance and self-image during cancer treatment.

ECaP (Exceptional Cancer Patients)
Provides tools, information and resources for mind-body-spirit medicine. Founded by Bernie Siegel, one of the pioneers in the field.


Vitamins, herbs and other supplements

Vitamins and other supplements that are extensively tested to ensure purity and potency

Young Living
High-quality essential oils

Bach Flower Essences


Natural hair, skin, and body-care products

Aubrey Organics

Mastey Products


Nioxin Research Laboratories
Hair-care products to prevent hair loss

Salon 475
Lori Irsay's Salon 475 in Highland park, Illinois, is one of the few salons to specialize in cosmetology for cancer patients. Lori is a nationally recognized expert in hair replacement for cancer patients. In 2007 she opened a second location, "Look Alike Solutions," in Green bay, Wisconsin.