My personal healing prayer

There was a prayer that I gave each day of my cancer treatment to the angels and masters of healing. I formulated it according to my own beliefs and understanding of my spiritual path. It includes specific tools and dispensations for healing.

You are welcome to use this prayer or to include portions of it in your own personal healing prayer for yourself or for loved ones. I found it to be very comforting and healing. As I prayed for myself, I also prayed for all who were burdened by cancer around the world.

A Prayer for Healing

In the name I AM THAT I AM,[1] in the name of the Christ, I call to the legions of angels of divine healing and to Hilarion,[2] the master of healing, to please walk hand in hand with me this day and roll back the tidal wave that threatens the shore of my God-free being.

I call for a wall of fire about me and the violet flame as the fire in the midst[3] to seal my aura and my four lower bodies in the light and protection of God.

I call forth the golden armor of Kuan Yin: the helmet, breast plate, back plate, shield, and buckler[4] and her circle and sword of mercy’s flame. I ask for this armor of protection to be concealed within her cloak of invisibility, so that any weaknesses or vulnerable areas within my being and world are camouflaged from the prying eyes of the dark forces. Let not any point of vulnerability be used by the dark forces to derail or distract me from my mission and path.

I call to the body of the saints both East and West for your momentum of the flame of the Prince of Peace, the purple and gold tinged with the ruby ray, drawn forth from the Elohim of Peace. I ask for the undulating rainbow rays, under the trained and expert beings of light who command them, to come now into my body and dissolve the cancer in my breast and anywhere else it is found. May these rainbow rays of God remove the cause and core of this condition. I call for the X-rays of God to “x” out any misuse of life and the life force in my body temple.

I call to God the Father to release into my desire body his desiring for my soul, to release into my heart chakra his love and his will, so that I might experience in my body temple the true presence, divine knowledge, and wisdom of the Father. I ask for my heart and being to be drawn into the mighty figure-eight flow with my Father’s heart. For I know that when it comes to the difficult initiations of the secret rays, there is only one answer: be one with the Father, experience his heart, and do not doubt when you feel that presence and that answer.

Beloved Elohim of Peace, place your great sun disc over my solar plexus. I call in the name of the Christ for my aura, chakras and being to be fortified in God-control by God-mastery of the solar plexus. I call to Saint Bonaventure for the mastery of the solar plexus as one of the greatest assistances I can ever have and the key to my victory.

Be still, and know that I AM God.[5] (3x)

I call for the rivers of living water to flow from my belly, and I now see my solar plexus as a fountain of peace, power, and plenty.[6] I cast out the forces of doubt and fear, and I call for an ovoid of fire to seal me.

I contemplate now the love of God and the presence of all the angels and masters of light. This calm and peaceful knowing of their presence does now dissolve all anxiety and fear, all self-doubt. I remain centered in the flame so that all those things can go quickly into the flame and so that the moment of pain will only be the moment of the passage of these things out of my aura.

I call to the masters of the seven rays to take me to the retreats of light in the heaven-world while my body sleeps at night. I ask them to explain to me specifically what are my karmic circumstances and my personality patterns and my habits of the human psyche so that I may no longer be bound by these limiting matrices. Let them be replaced by the pattern of my Christhood. I break the old cups, I dash the old bottles, and I pour the new wine into new wineskins.

Beloved Mother Mary and Archangel Raphael, place your healing thoughtform over my heart, mind, and solar plexus twenty-four hours a day. Beloved seraphim of God, place your fiery presence around me twenty-four hours a day to dissolve all impurities, all that is less than the Christ light, and all traces of cancer.

In the name of the Christ, I invoke the sealing of the mind with the emerald-teal ray. I invoke the dispensation from cosmic councils of the guardian action of the mind. I ask the special legions of angels to come forth for the sealing of my mental body and mind in a forcefield of brilliant, emerald-teal light. Let this light form a fine line of energy around the chakras of the crown, third eye, and head area, protecting and sealing my consciousness.

I claim the mantle of Bonaventure and the sphere of light from his causal body that I may access it any hour of the day or night. I call in the name of the Divine Mother for the resurrection flame and the resurrection spiral to pass through me twenty-four hours a day by the caduceus action, as Above, so below. I am sealed and comforted, close and warm in the white wool mantle of the saints.

Let God’s holy will be done. (3x)

Peace, be still, and know that I AM God. (3x)


1. Exod. 3:14.

2. Saint Hilarion is known for turning back a tidal wave threatening to engulf the town where he lived.

3. Zech. 2:5.

4. Eph. 6:11–17.

5. Ps. 46:10.

6. John 7:38.


Excerpted from A Journey through Cancer, by Neroli Duffy